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Everywhere that the body holds water on purpose, hyaluronic acid (HA) is there. HA is the “Jello” so to speak. It’s entity that binds the water together.

HA is a long, repeating unit, chain molecule with a very high molecular weight. Such a large molecule that it is too large to absorb efficiently.  HyaLife® is an enzymatically cleaved version which produces smaller portions of the “chain” to allow better absorption.

HA holds water…In the Skin…In our Joints… In our Eyes…In Wound Matrix…In Amniotic fluid

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IN OUR SKIN, HA works much like retinoic acid, or Retin-A.  When a skin cell is “born” down deep, it is fat and plump. As that cell matures, migrates upward towards the surface, it flattens and dies. Those dead, flat cells give us our “shingles,” or barrier, against the elements:  our protective outer shell.

HA delays that cellular death, leading to plumper, heartier cells closer to the surface; WATER closer to the surface of the skin.  With WATER closer to the surface, we can carry oxygen and nutrients closer to the surface and carry carbon dioxide and waste products away from the surface of the skin.

So we have HEALTHIER, PLUMPER skin cells closer to the surface. These plumper cells lead to a fuller skin by filling in finer lines and wrinkles.

In a Japanese study, 85% reported improved or remarkably improved facial moisture, skin smoothness, improved elbows, knees and heels. These patients took 6 capsules per day.

Some physicians have begun recommending HyaLife for vaginal dryness as well

IN OUR JOINTS.  HA is the entity that creates the “gel pad” in our joints: the synovial fluid. It bathes and soothes the joints. Since the joint surfaces have no blood flow, HA nourishes the joints.  Most health professionals are familiar with the products Synvisc® and Hyalgan®, commercial HA products for injecting into the joint to give back the cushion from our younger days.

The same Japanese study reported 65% improved, or remarkably improved, joint effects.

IN OUR EYES. HA is the binder that creates the “jelly” in our eyes. As we said in regards to joints, there is no blood supply to the inside of the eyeball, HA acts to nourish the inside of our eyeballs.

It acts as an antioxidant.

 HA also provides viscosity to the tears so they don’t break down (and go away) too soon. This explains how HA can decrease dry eye symptoms.  Many patients report this as a benefit of using HyaLife, many explaining how they can use contact lenses now with less problems than before.

 Some patients have reported vision improvement, one reporting improving from wearing two bifocal contact lenses to one, single focus lens!  Others have reported having to get new glasses after vision has improved.

 The Japanese study reported 45% of patients had vision and eye improvement.

 For the above issues,  we recommend the 6/day (3 a.m. And 3 p.m.), just like the Japanese study.

 For serious dry eyes, consider our HyaLife TearPak with added Omega3 capsules and oral Vitamin A.

 WOUND HEALING – HA is actually created naturally in wounds as part of the healing process. A query in PubMed, the National Archives of Medicine search engine of “Hyaluronic Acid” and “wound healing”  yields over 25,000 responses.

 Amniotic fluid is very high in HA.  For the last couple of decades, surgeons have been performing “pre-partum” cardiac surgeries. Open Mom up, perform heart surgery on the baby, then put baby back inside to gestate until delivery.  They report those babies hardly scar and they credit the high amount of HA in the amniotic fluid for it.

 In a rat study,  researchers cut nerve fibers…flushed some with normal saline and some with human amniotic fluid. Those flushed with amniotic fluid healed quicker and with less scarring than the normal saline.


 To prepare for surgeries, I recommend patients take 10 capsules per day.  Start several days before surgery and continuing for several weeks after. Before and after surgeries, also consider RxFx’s FloVein (link), our top-selling supplement for circulation


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