Mitochondrial FX


The Innovative Pharmacy Solutions MITOCHONDRIAL FX® is formulated to support and promote mitochondrial biogenesis and function. MITOCHONDRIAL FX® supplies three active, orally bioavailable formulations—Nitric Oxide Support, Resveratrol Plus and Alpha Lipoic Acid —which function synergistically to support the critical role that mitochondria play in metabolism. The patented functional components found in the MITOCHONDRIAL FX® are safe, well-tolerated, and have been uniquely prepared to enhance both absorption and overall bioavailability in order to maximize patient benefit and satisfaction.*

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• Promotes Efficient Use of Insulin and Glucose in the Body

• Enhances Conversion of Glucose into Usable Energy

• Promotes Healthy Aging

• Increases Exercise Performance

• Promotes Nitric Oxide (NO) Production

• Supports Cardiovascular and Endothelial Function

• Improves Antioxidant Status and Resistance to Oxidative Stress

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